We had an opportunity to try out Renault’s hottest sizzling hatchback, the Megane R S 300 Trophy. Seeing how the past Megane R S was possibly the most optimal/optimally vehicle in its own segment, we’re eager to learn whether the brand new version resides into the R S identify. Some tips about what we seriously considered any of it.

What’s the RENAULT MEGANE R S 300 TROPHY about?

First thing that you find concerning the brand new Megane R S 300 Trophy is the way mad it really looks. This is really an automobile that turns heads right and left. Never head the Renault badge or also the marginally damaging stigma connected with a few Renault designs, as if it has to do with sexy hatchbacks, Renault may be your standard maker. The Megane R S saga began together with all the Megane II, also additionally comprised a 225 horsepower 2.0-litre four-cylinder. This had been, for many intents and purposes, the speediest hatchback as it left its introduction. It totally annihilated the Golf GTI also it ruled that the Civic Type Runciman. Even the Megane RS250 and also RS275 that followed ended up both fantastic attempts from Renault R.S., nevertheless in regards to rate, the modern accession to this R.S. spouse and children blows away everything.

Because its title may indicate the brand new Megane R S creates 300 hp and 400 Nm of torque out of the 1.8-litre turbo-charged four-cylinder. That is correct, Renault made a decision to down grade online motor displacement however no horse-power has ever suffered for this. The truth is that the Megane 300 is still among the quickest hatchbacks now available on the current market, of course should you exclude fourwheeldrive versions just like the concentrate R S or perhaps the A45 AMG, it really is most likely faster than most these. Even the Civic Form R would be your Megane’s closest competition, however nevertheless they truly are like newspaper, exactly the direction that they accomplish could not be more various.

Just before we speak about the way that it pushes, let us talk just a tiny bit concerning its own design as I feel that this is an extremely fine vehicle. Even the Megane wasn’t a handsome vehicle, however, it was not unbearably awful way too. The past Megane appeared fantastic, notably within an threedoor version, however, the brand new one chooses matters into a completely new degree due to some healthful dose of aggression. Just take front fascia for example. The broad opening stretches round the whole duration of this decrease bumper residences two fog lights shaped such as the Renault activity badge. We now find two clearly sharp-looking headlights making use of LED DRLs.

The back follows a comparable narrative. There exists a sizable diffuser in the base of the bumper nesting a gigantic, mid sole exhaust opening. The back tail lights are not too crazy as the fronts, however they are however cool-looking none the less. It truly is maybe not quite as absurd since the Civic Form Rand that I indicate that at the optimal/optimally way imaginable. You must get a particular preference to locate the Form R styling desirable. Even the Megane R S is a far high-value automobile, as inspite of how it is significantly more conservative, but it is maybe not quite as standard as dull being a Golf GTI.

How Can It Generate?

Idon’t believe that I could identify a great deal of autos that may become a way out of your Megane R S Trophy in the street. If there is a frontwheeldrive racing vehicle on your trail, this is it. It truly is really energetic so playful I really could not assume it is maybe not only an true vacationing car or truck in disguise initially. If it has to do with driving and feedback participation, it will not attempt to cover up your ability by you personally. This gets you conscious of exactly how much you are in handle, and also simply how far it truly is dependent you like you are dependent onto it. Make no mistakethis is a simple vehicle to drive quickly, but in the event that do you realize what you do you may maintain with a few pricey machines costing many more over the street.

InitiallyI presumed humanist to some 1.8-litre motor could present plenty of turbo-lag since milling 300 horsepower out of this a little apparatus looks neigh-on hopeless. In fact, that you never also find that much on account of the enormous bulge of torque awaiting foryou personally from only 3,200 rpm. It may lag a small more compared to just a GTI and on occasion just a Form ep, but when you get obtain on enhance it merely happens away. There is savagery into the engine which isn’t contained from the GTI and, dare I say that, the Sort ep’s jewel of a motor engine.

The rush into 62 miles normally takes 5.7 minutes and level out it is going to reach 162 mph, characters that mimic the ones of this Sort R. electrical power is sent to front wheels by a six-speed handbook or some dualclutch’EDC’ automobile. The handbook would be significantly more interesting however, the computerized is significantly more faster, therefore select your poison I imagine. Acar just like the Megane R S must be more gotten at direct shape atleast one time I think, only so that you may feel just how raw and exciting it really is whenever you’ve got to perform each the job .

Chassis excellence is some thing that the older R S was pleased , also due to this brand new 4-wheel steering platform, the Megane 300 is much far better. The digital actuators may switch the back brakes upward to 2.7 amounts from the contrary way in low rates to help ease up to at least one level in an identical way at elevated rates to improve equilibrium. In fact, that you really don’t see the machine employed in the backdrop, however, you also do see just how eloquent and confident that the automobile feels. Front end includes lots of traction, and also you also do feel nearly every thing happening under you throughout the steering-wheel’s amazing opinions. Words can not explain how implanted the brand new Megane R S Trophy seems.

What’s IT LIKE Inside of?

Renault did broadly on bettering the Megane’s cottage, also I would say they will have completed a distinguished project to some certain purpose. Even though you are able to still locate some inexpensive plastics and also suspicious style and design, the situations you socialize with like an motorist really are typical brilliant. The tyre seems totally sized, so the more chairs will be like any hot hatchback now available on the current market, and also the flappy paddles, in case you move to the D-CT, are mended.

You can find not any openings within the cottage, for equally nice and negative. In the event you’d like some thing luxury don’t hesitate to have yourself a GTI, with ways, however in relation to forcing posture as well as also the seat-of-your-pants atmosphere, almost nothing happens close into this Megane.

The Ability

It truly is just another rapidly Renault created for men and women who like driving. Do not misunderstand me, you would certainly be equally as satisfied at a golfing GTI or some Civic TypeR, but whenever you would travel beyond these, you would certainly be kicking in the gut to never having the Renault. It truly is that far skinnier, which far more centered, and also that far more intriguing. In the event you are not just a snob concerning the badge and also you also don’t desire to really go for all those main stream choices, Renault has you covered. If you should be considering performing any type of trail utilize your alluring hatchback, you would need to be mad to find such a thing aside from your Megane.


Even the OTR selling price of only #31,835 tends to make this a very enticing proposal, but price might very quickly swell upward in the event that you verify a couple of optional extras. Our 36,085 tester was included with metallic paint (#1,300) as well as also a BOSE package (#800), each which you may jump. The sole high priced option I would say can be really a musthave would be that the # 1 1,500 Recaro sports activities Bundle that provides Recaro bucket seats with Alcantara.


It is the the very thrilling vehicle in its own category. In the event you adore driving and also you would like to undergo the most rawest, many pristine FWD automobile available on the current market, there isn’t any choice.

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