Ford’s F-150 aluminum is cheaper to repair than you think

Most users were worried that it couldn’t be strong and could be more expensive to mend, however Ford is demonstrating naysayers wrong.

Based on Automotive News, ford-designed the aluminum frame with fixes at heart by the getgo, creating a brand-new modular structure which is a lot simpler to mend than the steel-bodied vehicles. Parts also have paid off in cost by 16 percent over all, compared to steel replacements available on 2014 model year pick ups.

Regrettably, back bumpers and also bedsides are more expensive, though.

The combo of easier fixes and more economical parts means it costs less to resolve a f 150 by having a aluminum frame in comparison to a steel . Ford also heavily dedicated to its merchant network, making certain they received proper training as a way to focus with vehicles. This comprised installing new equipment that cost that the traders between US$30,000 and also US$50,000, though they are able to find yourself a US$10,000 rebate.

This has caused a truck using an insurance coverage seriousness that’s about 7% lesser compared to steel-bodied trucks. Ford chose a bet and won.

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