2019 Porsche Cayman GTS Review

The 20-19 Porsche Cayman GTS is just one of the cars which I was looking forward to driving and that I finally got my own chance to achieve that. Listed here are my ideas on the vehicle.

What’s THE 20-19 718 PORSCHE CAYMAN Gt-s about?

The Cayman perfectly shows what the Porsche name represents. It’s got the iconic Porsche faculties but manages to build its very own special individuality too. The 20-19 718 Porsche Cayman gt-s handles to check a lot more elegant and well proportioned compared to almost every other performance cars.

The former iteration of this Cayman has been an incredibly credible version however, the 20-19 variant has uncovered ways to enhance that which was a good supply. It has ever been a motorist’s car with a focus on being connected to the trail as you possibly can and the 20-19 718 Porsche Cayman gt-s is just the same. It manages and feels more compact than everbefore.

The GTS chooses the gist of this Cayman up a degree and starts to measure the feet of their 911 Carrera, together with similar performance amounts and striking tackling.

The 20-19 Porsche Cayman gt-s is powered with a 4 liter 2.5-litre engine which creates 365 hp and 430 Nm of torque. This power travels into the back wheels with a 6-speed manual gear box. The GTS could accelerate from 0-62 MPH in 4.6 minutes, on a top rate of 180 MPH. Expected mph is approximately 28 on a joint cycle, even with the CO2 figures approximately 2-10 g/km.


Get driving of this 20-19 Porsche Cayman gt-s and first thing you’ll see is the way implanted the car feels. The plan helps to ensure that the middle of gravity is still quite low and also the version is just like it’s stuck into the tarmac. This, then, inspires confidence in the driver, specially when handling flowing corners. This experience has been further enhanced with its absolutely engineered steering set. The feedback is indeed good you will soon be in touch with the automobile in almost no time in any way. The handling set up of this automobile is ideal!

There’s also a great deal of urgency when it has to do with power shipping. That is readily controlled by the motorist so that flying is a piece of cake. However, while you would like to really go fast or perform some over taking, the 20-19 Porsche Cayman gt-s delivers break-neck rolling speed that’ll surprise supercar owners.

Once you pass the traffic, consuming the available road is strictly what that the 20-19 Porsche Cayman gt-s was created for. It’s really a bit stiffer and thinner compared to the S, however it’s still comfortable on long drives. Even the Cayman gt-s will out perform cars above its power class daily on A Roads due to the way it can hold speeds right into and out of corners with absolute ease.

The positioning of the engine, at the exact middle of the vehicle, together side the active engine mounts help in this respect. In conjunction with the body weight reduction, this helps to ensure that there’s minimal over-steer, even though cornering hard. The ironic grip with all the Pirelli PZero tyres is notable. Within my 700 kilometers of studying, I did not obtain a slide, spin or slide out of some one of those tyres. Its mechanical traction is nearly unparalleled.

If you’re somebody who enjoys the rear to come back readily afterward your Cayman is maybe not the perfect car for it. Do not misunderstand me, I am confident you might still induce it to a slide however it’s created for raw grip. Having said this, it doesn’t signify that the 20-19 Porsche Cayman gt-s is really a slouch in terms of having a great time. It’s merely an even civilised model of pleasure.

I was analyzing the 6-speed manual also there were not any complaints on the gear box front. Every thing was smooth and elegant as you’d expect from a Porsche. Gear-shifts at the automobile have been well controlled as well as with a time of heavy driving, so it will not secure boring or difficult. There’s really a PDK automatic open, that could accommodate city driving, however it’s wonderful to have full control within the auto even if it’s only to pay attention to this engine note in your own terms.

Certainly one of the primary understated joys of the Cayman gt-s was doing braking. The discretionary gigantic ceramic brakes provide this car incredible stopping power, but moreover, an extraordinary brake pedal feel. The braking operation is really consistent all of the way down the pedal. The automobile remains stable after flying, meaning that the 20-19 Porsche Cayman gt-s may be slowed up or bought into an end quite economically. One more advantage of these premium ceramic wheels would be that the rolling bulk of these discs are 20% lighter than the normal brakes, so which makes it feel thinner and lighter, beyond and outside the gt-s configuration.

The energy delivery is very linear and there’s enough grunt on tap no matter the rev range you’re in. Still another boon to be mid-engined is using that engine supporting you, you can nearly hear the turbo twist upward, giving just a tiny treat to your ears. The 20-19 Porsche Cayman gt-s shirts from 180 MPH and may accelerate from 0-62 MPH within 4.6 seconds, that will be rapid. However, it must be stated that the 0-60 MPH period isn’t anything in contrast to the way a vehicle picks up rate from 50 MPH onwards. The acceleration when over taking can feel constant.

The Cayman gt-s is fitted using an activity Chrono Suite with a style switch, that will be easily accessible over the wheel. The various manners alter the controller, valve, exhaust and also the equilibrium control setting. Normal is effective for any sort of tender commute, Sport could be your go to alternative for livening up the car and appreciating its own lively chassis, even whilst Sport Plus is ideal for more extreme driving requirements.

Throughout my testing, I used exactly the activity manner the most. The rotational response helps make the vehicle feel double as reactive as the conventional manner, but more than anything else that I enjoyed listening into your turbo spool up and the exhaust machine bang and pop because you speed and decelerate between corners.

Arriving at the technical elements of this driving experience, the headlights with the particular car are incredible and therefore are far better compared to almost all I’ve analyzed. They truly are white and light that the complete diameter of this street, even turning well in to the corners and that means you’ve got maximum vision. Driving the vehicle through the night using those headlights alters the ability marginally, as the vision is therefore far better.

The driving position from the Cayman is some thing to urge too. Stepping in to the vehicle that you sit down, however, the inside is quite broad. At 6’4, then ” I felt comfortable. The Cayman adopts a sports vehicle driving posture with your legs extended infront of you with lots of room from the cottage to work the controls and gear adhere publicly. The test car had been fitted with sport suspension that lowers the ride height by 20mm. It will become evident to you exactly how low the vehicle is for those who drive beyond a wheelie bin and also will need to appear to observe exactly the lid! It’s well worth noting that the sports auto optimized driving posture additionally doesn’t compromise prominence or ensure it is difficult round town .

Open the doorway and have a look in this Porsche, it’s attractively assembled. The inner to your 718 Cayman gt-s implies you come in a genuine driver-focused vehicle. The cottage cocoons the motorist in to an ideal driving position.
The very first time you make it in the vehicle, you’ll discover the sports bucket chairs. They’re fixed chairs on a railway and hug the motorist perfectly throughout spirited driving. On a very long driveway, you may wish you had only a small bit more alteration from the chair, however for the large part, they’re quite comfortable.

The dashboard isn’t too busy and contains all of the essential controls as you’d anticipate. The instrument cluster is tasteful using an electronic 4.6″ color screen which will show you a variety of data such as — infrared stress, trip monitor, sat nav instructions, G-Force data, live operation amounts and more.

Even the infotainment system ignites all the boxes that you require out of a top car after which a few, however it will not steal the attention from the driving experience simply by being on mind. The remaining part of the interior is really standard with the vital spaces being utilized at the most useful manner possible. There’s a storage at the central arm rest for a telephone, significant storage from the door pockets and glove box. Additionally, there are just two smart cup-holders which fold in and out while you want them.

The bag distance both from the bonnet and the boot is adequate to get a weekend off or even similar. That is, naturally, yet another advantage of owning a mid-engined auto, you have two storage places.

The Ability

This is really a Porsche in every sense of this word. There’s only the ideal mixture of accuracy and capacity to get this car both worthy of lively driving in addition to leisurely cruising. It really is more focused compared to the normal Cayman however, maybe not to a level it feels overly focused and difficult to live with on an everyday basis.

The appearances are all well done. Even the mid-engined temperament with this car usually means it is quite well proportioned from all angles. The look still keeps that mythical Porsche appearance when adding enough dash to provide it its very own distinctive twist. You can not quit looking back in this car because you walk off and also you may always search for a reason to drive it.


The bottom version of this 20-19 Porsche Cayman gt-s costs #59,866. The vehicle that I drove quite a few upgrades for example, Ceramic Composite Brakes (#5,177) along with with a couple different options pushes up the price to #76,673. The even bigger question would be whether it’s well worth the purchase price? The bottom version while being pleasure does not offer you the sharpness of this Porsche Cayman gt-s and the car seems much more complicated.

The 20-19 Porsche Cayman GTS may be your comprehensive package with fantastic appearances, tasteful driving features and tons of practicality too. I am convinced for the ordinary driver like myself forget about power or handling performance will become necessary. The automobile is exceptionally competent and very pleasing to drive.

Nevertheless, the largest problem that the Cayman has confronted a long time could be that the 9 11. A whole lot of folks are inclined to over look what the Cayman has to give on account of the iconic allure that the 9 11 has. Even the Cayman and many moreso, the Cayman gt-s is going to likely be bought by people in the know. Once you go through the Cayman and 9-11, you recognise there’s plenty of pleasure to possess using the preciseness of this mid-engined Cayman GTS.

In general, the 20-19 Porsche Cayman gt-s is a superb car and worth a peek if you’re considering a vehicle that’s very good to operate a vehicle while using enough performance to maintain the most acute drivers keen.

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